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     Nicole Heitzman has a passion for painting wildlife art. Her fine art skills are made evidently present with each wildlife print she makes available. She has the ability to paint anything with exquisite detail, but itís no secret the outdoors and wildlife is what captivates her eye. She has used her talent to depict wildlife prints of walleye, pheasants, ducks, geese, buffalo, deer, fish, jungle scenes, savannas, lions, tigers, zebras, frogs, and wildlife of all arrays. These wildlife prints are a manifest of Heitzmanís imagination and attention to natureís detail.

     Nicole Heitzmanís wildlife prints are available for sale though her online art store. Many hunters have found Heitzmanís At the Riverís Edge wildlife prints to be the focal center piece of their lodge or cabin. At the Riverís Edge is a lifelike wildlife print of a perfect five-by-five buck and his doe. You can really see her talent come to life in those particular wildlife prints. You can almost feel the breeze and hear the creek running when you look at them.

      If you are from South Dakota or the surrounding area you will be sure to recognize Heitzmanís pheasant painting Just Before the Season. That rooster and set of hens were on the cover of every phone book circulated in the area. Enlarged and framed they make a perfect addition to her wildlife prints avaiable.

     This wildlife print undoubtedly demands attention. A full grown male buffalo is painted in the foreground while the South Dakota Badlands and the rest of the herd fade into the background in Heitzmanís Roaming the Badlands wildlife prints.

     Heizmanís goal of winning the Duck Stamp Contest has left us with an ever impressive selection of duck wildlife prints. The different species of ducks painted show how she uses different colors and techniques to bring out the best detail of each bird in her wildlife prints. For instance she chose to place the Greater Scaup on rough water to accent the darker colors and white of the male. Realizing green is the easiest color recognized by the human eye, she filled the negative space on her Canadian Geese wildlife prints with a soft flowing shade of green. That soft color and the symmetrical curves make these wildlife prints very aesthetically appealing. Try to figure out what techniques she used in the rest of her duck wildlife prints. Northern Pintails, Unhesitant Retrieval, Hooded Mergansers, Blue-Winged Teals, Northern Shoveler, and Lesser Scaup.

    Being ever blessed with talent Nicole Heitzman has also turned to photography. Although we will never be able to truly see the world though the eyes of this artist, these photos give us a split frame moment of time captured by her creative eye. As with her wildlife prints, we see a reoccurring theme. Nature and wildlife are the focus of Heitzmanís lens.  You may also purchase these beautiful photography wildlife prints on this website though her online photography store.

     Be sure to view the entire Nicole Heitzman Art website and online store to see all her wildlife prints. Make sure to come back as she is constantly painting and adding new wildlife prints for sale. Prints will soon be aviable of her latest Pheasant painting called Dakota Harvest. Be sure to contact Nicole Heitzman to reserve your limited wildlife prints in advance. Many of the wildlife prints are limited edition signed prints. With Heitzmanís talent and recognition as one of the top wildlife artist, today is the best time to purchase one of her wildlife prints.

     If you like Heitzmanís work or have any questions about ordering her wildlife prints please let us know by contacting her via email at the following address: Otherwise, please use the checkout system to puchase your wildlife prints.

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